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Bingo Acronyms

There are a number of abbreviations in use not only in chat rooms, but also on message boards and in emails. Bingo players use many of these, plus some specific to Bingo.

Here is a guide to both general and Bingo acronyms.

AFK - away from keyboard

a/s a/s/l - age/sex age/sex/location

BAK - back at keyboard

Bbl - be back later

Brb - be right back

bs - big smile

btu - back to you

eg - evil grin

Fwiw - for what it's worth

Ggp - gotta go pee (Do you really need to tell this to everyone? This is why we have AFK)

Gl - good luck

Gl2u - good luck to you

g - grin

gr8 - great

Hb - hurry back

irl - in real life

Imo - in my opinion

Lol - laughing out loud

Otfl - on the floor laughing

R - are

ROFL - rolling on the floor laughing

s - smile

Ty - thank you

U - you

vbs - very big smile

Wb - welcome back

wg - wicked grin

Wtg - way to go

YW/YVW - you're welcome, you're very welcome

1tg, 2tg, 3tg etc. - one/two/three numbers left to go to get bingo