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Bingo Emoticons

Sometimes words just can't express what you feel when you're playing online Bingo, so here are some faces you can use in the Bingo chatroom! Most sites will automatically turn them into images!

 %-) User has been staring at a green screen for 15 hrs
 *<:-)( I'm Santa Claus
 1^o Snoring
 8-) Wearing glasses
 :'-( User is crying
 :'-) User is so happy s/he is crying
 :) Smiling
 :-() Big mouth (User has rambled on)
 :-( Frowning
 :-) Smiling, with a nose
 :-* Puckering for a kiss
 :-7 User just made a wry statement
 :-@ User is screaming
 :-D Laughing
 :-o Shouting
 :-ss User drools
 :-x User's lips are sealed
 :-{ User has a moustache
 :o) Smiling, with a clown nose
 ;-) Winking (Also part of the ichat logo)
 >:-( Upset or annoyed
 @>--,--- A rose
 B-) Wearing cool shades
 {(:-) Wearing a toupee

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